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Our Clients' Valued Testimonials:
“A short but in-depth course into realistic profit trading.” – Andy 42 (stock remisier), Malaysia.

“A very wonderful learning course for my trading career.” - Tonie K. 35 (bank FX dealer), Indonesia.

“I’d wished I learnt it earlier in order to cut short on my learning curve.” – Rebecca Trang 50 (retail FX trader), Vietnam.

“A truly market mastering-course for everyone!” – Eddy Lim 34 (financial marketing), Singapore.

“A money-effective and handy method to be learned by anyone!” – Dato’ Iskandar 55 (entrepreneur and retail trader /investor), Malaysia.

“I’d finally learned to make handsome monies for myself.” – Chen Yue 32 (retail FX trader), China.

“This is the most perfect gift for me since I couldn’t get a well-paid job.” – Ling 25 (retail FX trader), Thailand.

“I tried the methods for 6 months and finally quit my day job. Now I work 2 hours a day and spend more time on family and recreation!” – James Crane 38 (retail FX trader), UK.

“It’s all about finding the right way into the market. Thanks Dar!” – Yuki 25 (homemaker and retail Futures /FX trader), Japan.

“It’s either I lost 65 dollars or the opportunity of entire life! Thank GOD I opted for the first one.” – Koike 37 (entrepreneur and FX retail trader), Japan.

"I have never known FX trading is so simple and low risk by learning it proficiently, especially the "10 mins Power Trading Strategy in FX" is real simple and exciting!" - Mrs. Low 35 (Businesswomen and retail FX /Option trader), Singapore.

Middle East Trading Associates:

Rama P.   Thank you very much for giving us the privilege of attending the First ever FX Mastery workshop in Dubai. You have made the Fx concepts clear and boosted our confidence to trade better. The strategies presented are a good mix from daily timeframe to 10 minutes. After a great weekend of weekend, I'm can't wait to practice the strategies learnt. I must also complement you for your values in teaching and a good sense of humour which kept us alive and asking for more.  (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Benjie J.   The methods and strategies were direct and powerful once mastered. The course was concise to make starters trade like a Pro. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to trade FX market. (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Maria Rita   The course is very interesting and informative. DAR has been very accommodating in answering our questons. He was very concerned that we understood the contents correctly. (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Indonesia Trading Associates:

Joe Marui   Your FX Mastery Trading course is the best compiled one. You took the friendly approach to deliver the FX trading know-how in so relax atmosphere to all of us. I certainly have learnt the business from you. Thank you very much! (Indonesia)

Mustopo   This FX Mastery course has changed the way I view charts. Now I perceive the market movements with more certainty and can't wait to test it right away! (JKT, Indonesia)

Handoko Tanoko   DAR Wong has been a good trainer even though this is my first time participating in FX course. (JKT, Indonesia)

Sinta Ladya   I learned a lot of new things and hope we can see more live trading in coming review session. Thanks, DAR. (JKT, Indonesia)

Riki L. Dago   Trend is a trader's best friend and DAR has taught me how to identify it with confidence...Very simple and yet very POWERFUL! (JKT, Indonesia)

Aris Ridwan   The explanation was clear and easy to follow. (JKT, Indonesia)

Melda L. Santoso   Very fun and helpful! Now FX doesn't look like gambling to me anymore...More like crunching the numbers! (JKT, Indonesia)

Fredy Walla   Informative, lively and practical! I learned alot more here than other forex courses in Singapore. It's worth my time. Thanks Daryl, looking forward to making monies with you soon! (JKT, Indonesia)

Benli Gunawan   Daryl is the best. He is an interesting and wonderful man! (JKT, Indonesia)

Suwandy   Dar Wong, you are the best! You have humor and excellent wave theory! (JKT, Indonesia)

Herman T   Good! I'm confident to make faster money with his safer way of trading from now on. It is knowledge of science to make monies and not just luck! (JKT, Indonesia)

Tony Gunawan
  This was my first FX seminar course but DAR has put his presentation very simple and yet comprehensive. I would recommend his course to all others who want to take FX trading seriously! (JKT, Indonesia)

Harjana Kioe   An excellent FX guru! He has helped to save me much from making unnecessary trials and errors. Unlike others, his seminar materials are based purely on experiences and not from books! (JKT, Indonesia)

Marvin   DAR Wong coached very well for both beginners and current traders. This FX course will open you to a new level and see FX market movement from another potential angle! (JKT, Indonesia)

Dewi Kartika   Excellent course! It was so simple but very practical. Even beginners can digest easily! (JKT, Indonesia)

Tanto Hartono   I enjoyed the course and learned alot of strategies to trade. (JKT, Indonesia)

Daniel A Bung   DAR is an excellent FX guru! His techniques in trading is very simple, powerful and easy to understand. I finally believe that I can do FX trading now by using his methods! (JKT, Indonesia)

Roy D. Sujudi   Before the course, FX trading was like playing roulette and lottery. After the course, it is a game for skills and strategies to make lots of monies! Anyone looking for extra income and financial freedom should attend this workshop. Bravo coach DAR Wong! (JKT, Indonesia)

Arda   I can't wait for my first trade. Excellent workshop indeed! (JKT, Indonesia)

Darwin B   I have come to the right place to learn FX trading. I'm so excited to make so much money soon! (JKT, Indonesia)

Berlian J N   This is an excellent workshop and a must for all those who want to trade FX profitably. Learn from the expert and he has brought me to higher level of understanding good trading strategies! (JKT, Indonesia)

Lily   I'm very happy with this workshop, especially the strategies to make monies. Thank DAR! (JKT, Indonesia)

Kris D   DAR really knows his Forex market subjects. A very straight shooter and professional in his trading plan. Thanks! (JKT, Indonesia)

Dentje S   Good workshop. Power wave is very impressive and improve my trading. DAR made it very clear. Thank you! (JKT, Indonesia)

Jonathan L   DAR has equipped me with good tools to start trading FX. ABC wave is excellent. Thanks!. May GOD bless you. (JKT, Indonesia)

Hendrick Immanuel   DAR has lots of talents in trading FX and he can read any currency market. He is smart and helps you to realize your dreams in trading. Fantastic! (JKT, Indonesia)

Taufik J   It opens my new horizon to forex trading (JKT, Indonesia)

Budianto G   This is the BEST trading system. PowerWave TradingTM gives low risk but high reward ratio! (JKT, Indonesia)

Frederick T   Easy to understand and apply to market trading for good profits! (JKT, Indonesia)

James S
  Thank you very much for this good workshop! (JKT, Indonesia)

Erwin K   Very exciting and I can't wait to try the profitable methods! (JKT, Indonesia)

Emy Nora   DAR is the best coach I have every met. His methods are precise, powerful, profitable and be applied to all markets! (JKT, Indonesia)

Tanto H   DAR provides good support to his associates. Very motivating! (JKT, Indonesia)

Rudi S   The PowerWave TradingTM is simply awesome! (JKT, Indonesia)

Andri Christanto   One of the best workshop I have attended. (Surabaya, Indonesia)
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Malaysia Trading Associates:

Dominic Chen  Dar Wong is a very experience, generous and skillful trader. He is truly a trader who walks his talk. His method of trading can be applied by anyone, even if you have no trading experience at all. He is also a very passionate coach, who is always trying to bring out the best in you. I would highly recommend anyone who wish to embark on a journey to financial freedom to start with Dar Wong. If you start well, you will definitely end well. He is truly the best coach I have seen and I am more than willing to testify for him. (Kuching, E. Malaysia)

Tracy Yu  Thank you so much for spending your valuable time and patience in teaching us the knowledge and skill about FX trading. It is an honor to be one of your student. (Kuching, E. Malaysia)

HL Tan   You are a very passionate instructor and mentor. Your FX Mastery Trading Course contains essential knowledge vital to our success in trading. (JB, Malaysia)

Cooper Lee   Of all the financial courses I have taken, this is definitely the most satisfying one! The wave study is simply too thrilling! My confidence level has boosted up a lot now. (Reg. Financial Planner, Malaysia)

Su S Ling   The FX Mastery Trading course has been interactive and interesting. I would like to thank you for your patience in teaching, sharing with us your experience and skills in FX trading. (Malaysia)

Dom Chen SS   Dar is the only coach I know who would hold you by the hand, guide you step-by-step and walk each mile with you until you become an independent trader. I truly admire his commitment, his effort and the attention he gives to each student regardless if the student is slow or bright. He is truly a man of his words, one who practices his own teachings and coaches with deep passion. Thanks to him, I can now retire financially free at any time I want!!  (Kuching, E. Malaysia)

Lim Cheng Jeen   Sincere, NO holds barred teaching. Practical, useful and full of proven trading tips in real market. Truly educational. (KL, Malaysia)

Kennedy Low   Easy and comprehensive. (KL, Malaysia)

Tan V-Leon   This workshop is an eye-opener nad very informative. Worth my time and money! (KL, Malaysia)

Jasmine Chee   Thanks for teaching me the FX Mastery. This workshop has opened my eyes to trading the forex GBP market. Your simple but effective methods and the insightful knowledge guide me through my development as a forex trader. Knowledge is power and FX Mastery has definitely empowered me....I tried it for last 2 days, it is indeed very powerful method! (KL, Malaysia)

Lionell Tan   Coaching on the candlesticks was good. Power wave and 10 minutes were excellent strategies! (KL, Malaysia)

Chan Cho Hang   I leaned new knowledge and trading methods!  (KL, Malaysia)

Jeffrey Wee   An enjoyable session. Perhaps should be more than a day for newcomers to the FX market. (KL, Malaysia)

Peter Wong   Now I understand FX clearer than before! (KL, Malaysia)

Ng KC   Very informative session. Practical and a easy starter for everyone with lots of supporting software. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! (KL, Malaysia)

Wang Toon Peng   It's informative and definitely help in my further exploration of this profession! (KL, Malaysia)

Christine Poh   A very good course indeed! (KL, Malaysia)

Wayne Lim  Thank you so much for your generosity and patience in teaching us the knowledge and skill of FX trading. By your guidance, I'm sure I'll succeed in my future. (KL, Malaysia)

Nicholas Yap   Feels so great! I can't wait to start trading! (KL, Malaysia)

Ng YK   The workshop emphasized on risk management and strategies which were all evidently shown. Simple and effective! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Sheum CM   Excellent course for all forex traders irrespective of new or professional traders! (KL, Malaysia)

Daniel Tan   Well presented, fun, approachable coach and simplified methods! (Malacca, Malaysia)

Martin Chan   Very sound and practical application! I have better understanding now on managing risk and rewards! (KL, Malaysia)

Susan Voon   Well done and excellent course! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Alvin Soh   My confidence to profit from FX trading has soared! I'm glad that I have attended  this workshop. (KL, Malaysia)

David Lee   I'm very clear and precise on FX trading now, after the workshop! (KL, Malaysia)

Peter Seow   The contents were very good and precise. No holds barred and straight to the point. The coach is very generous on imparting and sharing. He prepared the learners to be able to trade in a very short time with practical strategies! (KL, Malaysia)

Lew Yuan Ling   I valued the 10 mins Power Trading Strategy & Time Window Trading Strategy as very profitable and exciting! You have boosted  my confidence and I'm set to be successful in FX trading now. Thank you very much ! (KL, Malaysia)

Karl Ngun   Great course! I learned alot and feel confidence to make money now. DAR is genuine in imparting his expertise! (KL, Malaysia)

Wan Ahmad Jasri    Great strategies. So easy and unbelievable! (KL, Malaysia)

Chim CK   Excellent presentation with very valuable strategies to kick off FX trading for all new traders! (KL, Malaysia)

Phoon Sow Cheng   Practical tips! I'm confident to start trading after putting in some practice! (KL, Malaysia)

A Bakar Kasim   You are a real GURU! Now I know about Forex through you! (KL, Malaysia)

Tiew KC   The workshop is worth every cents of investment!

Jacky Wong   I have no experience at all before coming to this workshop. But I have confidence to do well in FX trading! (KL, Malaysia)

Lee Yow Ken   I learned alot. The course is very good, simple and applicable. Thanks sifu! (KL, Malaysia)

John Chang   I have gained extensive knowledge in FX trading. the strategies are very valuable and effective! (KL, Malaysia)

Tong Shew Long   DAR has unlocked some practical strategies that are easy to apply immediately. You are great! (KL, Malaysia)

Mak Ci Ga   Thank you DAR for an excellent time sharing your knowledge and experience with us. May GOD bless you tremendously. If I succeed in FX trading and do well, I'll write about you one day! (KL, Malaysia)

Yeap Wen Haur   DAR focused on most important topics in trading which are discipline and money management. His strategies are simple but surprisingly effective! (KL, Malaysia)

Aaron Oh   DAR is an excellent FX trainer and coach. He has full  of passion in trading and sharing his thoughts. His continual support after the workshop is a plus point. (KL, Malaysia)

Kim Kam   I have used your teachings in stock market. It has improved my better timing in entry and exit for more profits! (KL, Malaysia)

Lee LC   This workshop is excellent for beginners, value for monies and ideal group size for effective learning. The coach is very committed to his work and wants the participants to succeed! (KL, Malaysia)

Eeling   At last, I see the light at the end of the tunnel........ (KL, Malaysia)

Irene Yeow   After the workshop completes, my confidence has gone up 200%. (KL, Malaysia)

Kevin Nga   A highly recommended Forex trading course. You can't find such lifetime mentorship elsewhere! (Penang, Malaysia)

Azam Bakri   Tri-wave trading strategy gives us extra edge and the ability to foresee imminent trend! (KL, Malaysia)

Dee Bakri   The results are so effective! Layperson like me who is totally a newbie does make monies. Yeah... (KL, Malaysia)

James Khor   This is definitely a moneyback training! This course has saved me many more years in order to trade successfully. Thanks alot to DAR, you are a great sifu! (KL, Malaysia)

Kok LW   I made money on virtual trading. It has given me more confidence to move into real trading very soon! (KL, Malaysia)

Tan JP   I finally believe there is a possibility to make consistent profits from forex market. Thank you for your unselfish teachings! (KL, Malaysia)

Edward Lee   After the workshop, I applied the principles and formulae to stock market. So far, I have yet made any loss. Thanks to DAR. He is not only good but simply the BEST that I have met! (KL, Malaysia)

S Theven   This is a life changing course to me. It gives me hope for a better future and I'm getting more confident to trade for more profits! (KL, Malaysia)

Chris Yap   DAR's workshop is great. Thanks! (KL, Malaysia)

Lim KC   The after workshop support is good. He taught us how to trade at own pace to suit each and everyone's lifestyle! (KL, Malaysia)

Wong LF   It's a wonderful workshop. DAR is the best FX mentor! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Liu Moi Fong   As a new student with ZERO knowledge, I'm confident that it can work for me after sharpening of skills and trading systems taught by DAR! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Debra Chai   After the workshop, I am optimistic that I can very soon quit my 9-5 job or can travel freely with consistent income. (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Kho KT   It is an eye-opener for 1st timer in FX trading! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Tony C   The workshop is an eye-opener and practical. Very rewarding for anyone who is still searching.... (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Tien C.O.   I can't wait to try his trading methods. (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Jeffrey Lau   Great workshop. DAR is friendly, experienced, very knowledgeable and confident. (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Clarence Kissol   The secrets of wave trading have been revealed! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Tan Ann Nie   DAR is a very patient coach. Lots of information to digest from the workshop. (Kuching, east Malaysia)

Alex Chan   A new exciting journey for me after the workshop. Every minute in the 2-day course was exciting to me... (Kuching, Malaysia)

Teo T.Heng   I'm sure the skills learnt can provide me a lifetime of  potential income! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Jonathan Lau   I enjoyed the course. It is fast start for me to kick off soon! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Desmond Lo    Great course but too much knowledge for me to catch up! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Peter Goh   A very good workshop. It will definitely help me to continue the journey to trade profitably after striving unproductively for past 2 years before I met him! Special thanks to DAR for his relentless effort to ensure our knowledge learning. (KL, Malasya)

Kathy Yong   I have no doubt that this workshop is very beneficial and rewarding experience. Thank you sifu! (KL,  Malaysia)

James Yap   Thank you for the wonderful new techniques to trade! (Kuching, East Malaysia)

Syeed Hassim   DAR is very generous to impart his powerful but simple techniques to trade profitably! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Edmund   Realistic mentorship and expectations! I'm confident not to be eaten by sharks alive in FX trading! (KL, Malaysia)

Iskandar   Excellent workshop. I'm confident of conquering the market! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Allan Ming   Coach is very good and skills are skills. Easy to comprehend for practical application. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Denny Ling   Good, sharp and easy to understand! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Mary Wong   Enlightening but need to do alot of my homework after workshop! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Helen Majanil   DAR has showed an excellent 2nd source of income! (Miri, Malaysia)

Fabian Ng   An eye-opener. Great to have attended this workshop! (Kuching, Malaysia(

Chia KK   Eye-opener to me! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Chua KL   Excellent! Simple and effective! (Kuching, Malaysia)

T. Liew   The power wave is awesome! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Mustafa   Good preparation for a rookie like me. Better to invest in this workshop fee than to lose 100x to markets. Thank you sifu! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Alex Goh   I know this system works. Just follow faithfully and master it will do! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Daniel Chan   Good insight into FX trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Alexis Wan   Clear presentation of information which is easy to understand and digest. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Loh IK   I learned new and practical way to trade. (Kuching, Malaysia)

John Loh   Excellent coverage on chartings, trend topics on not only forex but applicable all markets! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Ho AY   Very systematic approach to charts reading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Dennis Chen   DAR has shown good mentorship in FX trading. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Neil Parker   Very revealing to traders and informative to all new guys! (Kuching, Malaysia)  

Eugene Lim   Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise! (KL, Malaysia)

Sim WS   I strongly believe this workshop can equip me to make more monies! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Kho SY   DAR is an excellent coach! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Ibrahim Ahmad   DAR is generous and sincere in sharing his expertise. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Ahmad K   I have greatly enhanced my fundamental and technical skills to trade in global markets! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Maggie Hiew   The workshop is lively and interesting. He gave many good advice and tips! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Wong UT   The workshop has broadened my FX trading knowledge (Kuching, Malaysia)

Soh SL   DAR taught us how to reduce trading risk and preserve capital thus extending our market profits. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Peter Ong   This workshop covers trading skills that are even applicable to my stock market trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Kenny Goh   Very hands-on and informative! (KL, Malaysia)

Lam PC   Excellent coaching and an eye-opener for investors! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Foo CB   I have found out many things that I had not understood in the past! (KL, Malaysia)

Sarina Soh   No regrets for attending this course!  L, Malaysia)

Andy Lam   Excellent workshop! (KL, Malaysia)

Choy WM   I can feel the sincerity and passion in you! (KL, Malaysia)

James Khor   Informative and supportive from senior associates. I strongly recommend to friends. (KL, Malaysia)

Chew FS   Attend this workshop if you want to be a trade successfully! (KL, Malaysia)

Sarawanan K   Very good, practical and lovly coach! (KL, Malaysia)

Richard Liew   Thank you very much sifu! (KL, Malaysia)

Johnny Cheah   Entertaining and easy to understand. (KL, Malaysia)

Pearly Ng   Great workshop! (KL, Malaysia)

Natasha   Good learning! (KL, Malaysia)

Tan TC   太好了! (KL, Malaysia)

Victor Teo   Very interesting and exciting contents. Valuable information! (KL, Malaysia)

Sivanesan   DAR is sincere, honest and a good trainers! (KL, Malaysia)

Victor & Jennifer   Your teachings have been clear and informative (KL, Malaysia)

Azizah M N   This course is definitely worth more than what I paid. (KL, Malaysia)

Tee LE   This is my first approach to FOREX trading and I'm confident to succeed eventually! (KL, Malaysia)

Chong SH   Definitely my second source of income (Kuching, Malaysia)

Sim KH   Clear explanation and superb trading methods. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Yeo LL   I managed to see what FOREX trading is and soon to benefit from it. Thank you! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Stanley Chiew   This is the best course I had ever learned so far - PowerWave! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Mac D   Great sifu! Great course! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Chong MV   I can see unlimited potential of it with proper risk managemnt! (Kuching, Malaysia)

George Wong   Beneficial, enjoyable and great learning! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Andrew Wong   Thank you to DAR and the senior associates! I'm on my way to first million now! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Herbert Goh   I could see the Zen knowledge and the angel's light! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Lim CA   Very informative and comprehensive. Highly recommended to all trader-wannabes! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Yahko   This workshop is worthwhile to attend and I'll definitely recommended to friends! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Jimmy Kho   Informative coaching and practical! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Lim CH   This workshop opens my eyes and mindset to the global potential of trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Peter Chang   Good information, lively and entertaining! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Wan KW   The PowerWave will find its profits into my pockets once I master it! (KL, Malaysia)

Zayne Ismail   Certainly an eye-opener. Very interesting and recommended for all FX newbie! (KL, Malaysia)

Kenneth Ng   The workshop was high satisfied. Comprehensive and informative! (KL, Malaysia)

CS Wong   Thanks to DAR for his enlightenment and sharing of this trading formula, together with his live experiences. (KL, Malaysia)

Hah V-Ma   I learnt more about real trading and economics in this workshop than my entire life of previous searching. I would recommend to friends to join. (KL, Malaysia)

Joan Foong   Very informative course and practical on highly accurate forecast . Thank you! (KL, Malaysia)

Kenny Chin   The workshop is result-oriented. Comprehensive and practical with lots of support! (KL, Malaysia)

Ng S S   I enjoyed the workshop and it gave me better understanding of market behavior! (KL, Malaysia)

Lim YK   It has been a privilege to learn from the master himself! (KL, Malaysia)

Simon Ong   A very unconventional method of market analysis with high probability of wave targeting prices! (KL, Malaysia)

Helena Ng   It's a good experience & I look forward to become successful in FX trading. (KL, Malaysia)

Tan Choon Ming   Very good. I just wanna say THANK YOU! (KL, Malaysia)

Sophia Ling   Finally I can grasp the trading concepts before going into it. Thank you! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Joel Goh   DAR is a humorous guru and expert in Forex trading! What a blessing to have met  him. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Roger Phua   This is the correct trading method but you got to work hard on it! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Thomas Tan   This is something new in my life but worthwhile. (Kuching, Malasysia)

David Hong   I should have come earlier to learn the PowerWave! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Chong SF   This is just the good beginning of trading Forex! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Chong Ainee   Good coach, simple and clear-cut, happy learning process!  (Kuching, Malaysia)

Joan Yeo   DAR has made the learning simple. It's much better than trying to self-learn from books! (Brunei)  

Sarah Kong   After the workshop, there is no more fear in trading Forex! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Gilbert Chua   DAR is a wonderful speaker and very experienced in Forex trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Justina Chong   I'm prepared to work hard and digest the learning for my semi-retirement plan. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Tan KW   This is a must-attend training workshop! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Jeannie Hiew   Thank you for showing up in my life! I'll work hard and practice for the success. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Tan BL   A course on practical application. Many insightful and useful info are given. (KL, Malaysia)

Sin HP   I'm extremely grateful and sincere to Dar. I appreciate his teachings on trading knowledge and wisdom in life! (KL, Malaysia) 

Mohd Farid   This course will teach you the way to earn money and how to run your life properly! (KL, Malaysia)

Tommy Thoo   You are a sharp coach and a nce guy! (KL, Malaysia)

Tee LE   PW is a goldmine and clearly demonstrated by sifu! Need lots of practice from now on ! (KL, Malaysia)

Kong YT   Excellent, very happy but also very exhausted! (KL, Malaysia)

Chris Low   DAR is a great FX guru - both experienced in trading and teaching! (KL, Malaysia)

See Kim Boi   This workshop is value for money! (KL, Malaysia)

Mani M   My past 10 years of lecturing experience has been summarized and fine-tuned here. His knowledge is hard to find elsewhere! (KL, Malaysia)

Sarawanan K   This is one of the best moments in my life! Full of wisdom, inspirations and life experiences. Thank you! (KL, Malaysia)

Dobson B   An eye-opener for new income generation. (K, Malaysia)

Siva   DAR is the REAL master trainer! (KL, Malaysia)

Victor Ng   Your teachings really open my mind at investments and trading differently! (KL, Malaysia)

Kok LW   Excellent and beyond  my expectation! A selfless guru who forecast confidently and correctly. I regret not to have listened to him earlier! (kl, Malaysia)

Ong KG   I have been trading for more than 15 years. This is the most powerful technique! (KL, Malaysia)

Sean Hoong  Fantastic course. You might not learn this for a lifetime if you miss it now! (KL, Malaysia)

Phang WC   Good job! I'll recommend my friends to your workshop! (KL, Malaysia)

Ong KIM   DAR has no-hold bars in in his trade secrets. Thanks! (KL, Malaysia)

Tony Lim   Thank you for your sincerity, knowledge and unreserved sharing! (KL, Malaysia)

Alwin Tan   DAR is genuine and willing to impart his knowledge. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Sim HG   DAR explains clearly and well on FX markets! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Jason Ngu   The methods are professional and yet profitable! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Tia SH   DAR is an experienced trader and good coach. His concepts make trading easy! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Peggy Chin   The course opens my eyes beyond. I'm grateful for his sharing of knowledge. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Jeff Lau   A good combination of trading discipline, knowledge, risk management, market anaysis! (Kuching, Malysia)

Chong  KF   DAR is knowledgeable and willing coach. Thanks! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Nic Liaw   The training is worth beyond the money! I believe this is the turning point in my life! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Nic Ho   I have found the path to financial freedom! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Daniel Tan   I admire and appreciate your teachings. Thanks! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Gary Chew   I found a great sifu! (Kuching, Malaysia)

John Cheu   The methods are simple, straight forward but never found in any books! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Nicole Lim   I love PowerWave Trading. It makes me so excited! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Voon CS   Very good presentation and looking forward to make monies! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Dacius Yong   I'm glad that I have attended this workshop. I'll practice hard and start to build my wealth! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Radzali Bin A.   I'm motivated and believe this can change my life from being dependent on others! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Michelle Yong   I have learnt to create wealth using margin trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Karl Ngun   A true eye-opener. DAR is a real guru and very genuine in his teaching. (KL, Malaysia)

Tee LE   A good mentor is one who shares all and without reservation. Dar is definitely one of them! (KL, Malaysia)

David Koh   This course will help me to crete better income source! (KL, Malaysia)

Lee CP   I can't wait to start after the workshop! (KL, Malaysia)

Sin HP   I'm very grateful to DAR's sincerity and teaching. Thank you very much! (KL, Malaysia)

Ng B Siong   A very complete course to help understand the complexity of FX markets. (KL, Malaysia)

James Khor   I strongly recommend newcomers to take up this course before they start trading! (KL, Malaysia)  

Lee KH   Good inception into the market trading for newbies! (KL, Malaysia)

Wong CS   DAR makes things easy to understand but effective to apply. (KL, Malaysia)

William Wong   The course helps me to understand market behavior and movements. (KL, Malaysia)

Jasmine Chong   Good environment. Excellent teaching. (KL, Malaysia)

Kok LW   Resitting makes me much clearer. DAR is a wonderful master with noble objections to train champions. He has great stuff that money can't buy! (KL, Malaysia)

Lorraine Khoo   I'll be making money from the market. Thanks! (KL, Malaysia)

Audrey T   Wonderful & Comprehensive Presentation! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Tony Teo   You are a market genius! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Lona LLL   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Nora K   This workshop provides useful training to create additional income source! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Benedict Teo   I love this course alot and appreciate PowerWave Trading! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Wendy V   The strategies are helpful to beginners. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Norman Ong   DAR simply has the passion to coach others to succeed like himself! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Irene Teo   Very lively workshop. Great to learn from DAR. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Desmond   An eye-opener course! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Cuthbert Lo   Thank you to DAR and Terry who introduced me to this workshop. I have found another way to make money! (Kuchng, Malaysia)

Gerald Lian   The future is bright after learning from DAR. I would recommend this workshop to all serious traders! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Tiong TK   Thank you for sharing your experiences and skills. You are great! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Leslie S.   Thanik your for your teachings. (Kuching, Malaysia)

Sim CK   Your method  is simple and easy and yet hard. Thanks alot! (Kuching, Malaysia)

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Singapore Trading Associates:

David Lau   I appreciate your generosity to share with us your practical experience. For the past 14hrs (3+8+3), we have been learning your essential trading rule which is accumulated more than 10 yrs. In term of time investment, I can say I have saved up 99.9726% of my time to seek the 1st right step in FX trading market. (Singapore)


Dennis Lau   A very practical FX course, recommended especially for beginners who are new to the trade.  Dar Wong is very experienced and sincere in sharing his knowledge. His E-book is also a very good supplement to what he has taught in the class. (Singapore)

Jay Tan   This course is genuinely for those who want to learn how to trade FX profitably. Dar is truly an expert in this area. With his decades of years trading FX, he has an intimate knowledge of FX more than anything else! (Singapore)

Wai Chong   Your methods have another open another perspective for my trading and they will be another set of useful skills to be dependent on during trading. I believe with due diligence and effort, i am able to apply these skills to the fullest and become an independent trader. (Singapore)

Roy Chan   Before I attended this course, I was  lost as to how to kick start in FX trading, but now am looking forward to use the strategy that Dar had imparted! (Singapore)

TAI SUAN   The followings are the outstanding features of the course:
          (1) It is practical oriented ; the lecturer illustrated the concept with charts.
          (2) The candlesticks, ABC waves, trend, channels, convergent methods, pivot trading , recognizing the triangle. moving averaging , stochastic  are   emphasized; these concepts are critical if u want to create wealth while preserve wealth.
          (3) The 10 minutes concept is a good tool to make money.
          (4) the lecturer is very patient and skillful.           (Singapore)

William Cher   DAR's FX Mastery Course has been comprehensive and touch on every aspect of what a FX-trader needs to know. It's excellent to learn through a mentor who has a great wealth of experience and success in the market.  (Singapore)

Terry Teo   Mr. Dar Wong is generous and helpful in sharing with us strategies that he has mastered over many years. I particularly like the 10 min power trading strategy as it is simple and workable. (Singapore)

Tony Chia   It is very interesting and useful to me to attend your FX Mastery Trading Course. The case study has helped me gained some knowledge, together with the syllabus provided.  I genuinely believe you will help a lot of people like me, with no prior knowledge, to shorten the learning curve through your mentorship on forex trading strategies. (Singapore)

Jack Sim   I guess the most important reason behind my future success in FX trading will depend on the amount of hard work I put in, beside the continual support and guidance from DAR Wong. I strongly believe his mentorship will lead me to success. (Singapore)

Alicia Yee   The FX Mastery Trading Course has been very interactive and stimulating. Thanks. (Singapore)

Seow Ming Pang   Thank you very much for the wonderful sharing of your experiences and teachings you had given on the FX Mastery Course.  Now I've got a better grasp and understanding of the FX market. (Singapore)

Chang Lum   Your C-wave theory and 10 min PTS strategy certainly have increased my confidence in trading FX and be successful. Your real-market case study and trading practices in FX trading certainly has also helped me alot in controlling the unnecessary risk. I would strongly recommend your FX Mastery Trading course to anyone who wishes to make a living in forex market. (Singapore)

Joseph Lim  It has been a eye- opener to me as well as beneficiary. I am especially impressed by your generosity in sharing with students whenever we had doubts in the class. I am confident that the "10 mins Power Trading Strategy" will give me a successful head start in FX trading. (Singapore)

Teck Chew Tan  Some gurus have good coaching skills but no trading experience. Others have trading experience but cannot coach. You have an in-depth knowledge of the market and the ability to coach. Your knowledge of market psychology is most impressive. I have attended few other expensive courses in the past and after coming to yours, I know immediately it is the best and highly value-for-money. Other expensive courses are usually padded with fluffs and yours is real concise and straight to the point. (Singapore)

Hengky Chang  It is really an eye opener. Your sincerity and enthusiasm in sharing your skills in making trade profits, especially the 10 mins PTS strategy, has really shorten my learning course. Thank you for conducting this course. (Singapore)

EY Lim   The training is easy to understand as compared to the usual way of self-study by a new trader. This training has surely reduced my learning curve, rather than to take another 2 - 3 years to learn it with some incurred loss. I strongly recommend all FX beginners to enroll for this course if you want to achieve gradual financial independence. (Singapore)

Tricia Foo   DAR is helpful and friendly; very willing to provide trading tips. Thanks! (Singapore)

Mark Ng   Exciting lecture and interesting wave theory. Learned stuff outside the books. (Singapore)

Andy Johan   DAR shared his rich experiences passionately. Contents are very stimulating and I can't wait to put them into use! (Singapore)

JOS Wong   DAR is very experienced and could answer all questions. Impressive! (Singapore)

Arthur Tham   Very satisfied with the workshop. I'm more confidence now to make money through trading FX! (Singapore)

Lloyd Foo    I have gained better understanding with spotting market patterns now. Wonderful! (Singapore)

David Chew   The method was useful, powerful and effective. Best of all that I have attended! (Singapore)

Kelvin Chan   DAR is a very experienced coach who can take any trader to higher level be it a newbie or seasoned trader! (Singapore)

Stanley Sim   Good presentation. Wave trading is very impressive. (Singapore)

Alex Lim   Down to earth strategies. Honest presentation. (Singapore)

Sam Yong   Good practical tips and strategies. Easy to understand. (Singapore)

Michael Lee   Good training course with many good strategies to take home for practice. (Singapore)

Dan Toh   Great workshop that was worth every dollar definitely! Contents ideal not only for trading but also on offshore investment. I can imagine the benefits that will go a long way in my investments for years! (Singapore)

Lai Chee Weng   Good and practical. I have a clearer idea of hot to trade effectively now. Looking forward to make money soon! (Singapore)

Vincent Hoong   Very easy to understand and apply even for beginners. Very practical for live trading! (Singapore)

Kok Mun Cheon   I learned better risk management with more precise entry and exit! (Singapore)

Richard Foo   I'm very impressed and also excited with the 10 mins Power Trading Strategy & Time Window Strategy. Hope to start trading as soon as possible. (Singapore)

Jeffrey Lee   Your training module has shown me the light to FX trading. It is definitely worth the cost paid to attend this workshop! (Singapore)

Phui Teng Kim   The contents are very refreshing. I can't wait to back test the strategies.........DAR is very sincere in sharing the information on market & trading. (Singapore)

Terry Teo   Great forex course and support provided. Highly recommended for all who are interested in this trade. (Singapore)

David Tai   The workshop was very detailed and practical. It gave me confidence and insights to trade and profit consistently. DAR is a real trader, unlikely  many others who teach but do not trade! (Singapore)

Sik Shu Teng   Good insights to FX trading with smart strategies! (Singapore)

Mike Ng   The workshop is really useful for a new comer like me! (Singapore)

Chen Siang H   A good workshop to start learning about FX trading. (Singapore)

Chia Phuay S   I know I'll succeed in making a good living through trading FX markets after this workshop! (Singapore)

Andrew Yeong   A very powerful course. Best FX workshop that I have attended so far! (Singapore)

Kyaw Moe   I can learn from DAR, which I can't learn from the books! (Singapore)

W. Wong   Course well prepared. Very interesting and sharp new insight to chart reading. (Singapore)

Lim SC   Learnt the new concepts of  tri-wave formation which was very well explained. (Singapore)

Walter   The workshop is very detailed and provides good insight to market behavior! DAR is very knowledgeable and dedicated in transferring his trading skills to us. (Singapore)

Tang KY   The past 2 days in DAR's workshop were really rewarding! (Singapore)

Rafee   Great delivery and value-for-money. Workshop contents were very informative! (Singapore)

Keith Koh   Good groundwork for beginners and novice traders! (Singapore)

Adeline Kiong   DAR is very experienced and knowledgeable. I'm very satisfied with the training and look forward to testing out the strategies. Strongly recommended for all! (Singapore)

Dean Ng   Real life experience that teaches you how to fish for life! (Singapore)

Krishnan C.   I will definitely recommend to friends if they are serious in making more monies! (Singapore)

Steven Tong No regrets for the 2 wonderful days well spent! (Singapore)

Jonathan S Clear and precise concepts. Very good! (Singapore)

Gerard Heyzer Great enlightenment to wave patterns and candlesticks! (Singapore)

Lam CP Very good and clear presentation. (Singapore)

Chandru Well done! Lecture was timely and well-structured! (Singapore)

Dennis Yap Very informative and interesting! (Singapore)

A. Durai Thank you for addressing the critical fundamental aspects of trading before the PowerWaveTM concepts! (Singapore)

Chng ST DAR Wong is systematic and attentive to ensure our progress. Contents are clear and organized! (Singapore)

Beverly Ong This workshop is very informative! (Singapore)

Richard Wong   The course is well-prepared. Good coach! (Singapore)

Wong CP   Thank you very much for passing this knowledge and market concepts to us. (Singapore)

Lennie L   I have finally found the answer in all markets' movements! (Singapore

Jonathan S   My re-sit for this course has made my trading better. High leveraged profits at small capital outlay! (Singapore)

Jorge Rodriguez   I came from the other side of the earth to attend Dar's workshop. It is worth 200%! (Mexico)

Kevan Loh   PowerWave will pay you well if you persevere in it. Good course! (Singapore)

Karie Lai   I've been a trader for many years. The PowerWave opens up my eyes with high accuracy. Miraculous! (Hong Kong)

Toh LS   Responsible trainer and his assistants. (Singapore)

Anthony Lim   This is it! Glad that I have not wasted the time searching for other gurus! (Singapore)

Lim KM   This is the first time I see a trainer able to predict market trend with confidence! (Singapore)

Yeo HS   I have attended 3 other FX seminars. This is the best! (Singapore)

Lim PS   This is the first time I could make sense out of the complex charts! (Singapore)

Lee WS   DAR is the best coach if you wanna learn to trade profitably and happily! (Singapore)

John Chan   DAR is a genius! Thank you for passing the knowledge to us! (Singapore)

Alice Lee   My 1st step to financial freedom! (Singapore)

Sam Lew   Thank you for imparting the valuable knowledge! (Singapore)

Lau SY   A good course. Complete and inspiring! (Singapore)

Roger Koh   I have learnt to use many tools in trading! (Singapore)

Edward Ten   DAR' trading experiences is valuable! (Singapore)

Walter C   Simple methods but deliver explosive results! (Singapore)

Chen HS   A practical workshop to start trading forex confidently! (Singapore)

Irene Lye   Good workshop! It enables me to see the light in market! (Singapore)

Wahyu PY   This workshop is enlightening! (Singapore)

Le M Hong   Very eager to make monies! (Singapore)

Chang KP  This workshop contents are totally out of the box! (Singapore)

Tan TC   DAR's real trading experiences and victories are definitely worth your time and money to come! (Singapore)

Richard Foo   It has definitely increase my confidence level in trading forex! (Singapore)

Roy Tai   FX Mastery Trading workshop is the closest thing to the "holy grail" in trading!! PW with risk n money management is the only way to achieve trading success. (Singapore)

Terry Lee   Excellent workshop! Informative, practical and very insightful! (Singapore)

Chen YF   Simple explanation with great illustration. (Singapore)

Mary Siong   Every dollar is worth for this workshop! Truly the great Forex master! (Singapore)

Ng Tseng Tai    This is the most interesting workshop I have attended . (Singapore)

Kate T   Thank you for your sharing. You have given me a new hope and vision in life! (Singapore)

Micky Ch'ng   This is the first workshop I attended that the coach ensured everyone was cleared of his teaching! (Singapore)

Robert Seet   DAR makes wealth creation made e and believable! (Singapore)

Kim   I'll recommend anyone who would like to trade as personal career! (Singapore)

Angelina Chan   This is a very powerful workshop that leads you to abundance in wealth and personality! (Hong Kong)

Robert JG   A good workshop trained by successful and experienced trader. (Singapore)

Kent Kho   After the workshop, I made the first 130 pips in my life! Great lesson and definitely worth the money! (Kuching, Malaysia)

Daryl Chong   DAR has opened my 3rd eye to see beyond candlesticks! Now I'm ready to take the market on! (Singapore)

Aileen Koh   The PowerWave concept is very insightful and practical! It is worth every cent I spent & beyond. (Singapore)

William Wong   No regrets and definitely money worth! (Singapore)

Jaymes Deok   I'm confident FX success is with me with DAR Wong as my sifu! (Singapore)

Yuen Ah Tsai   This is the best FX training & strategy I have ever come across. (Singapore)

Khim Yap   This workshop is the ultimate surfer's guide in FX markets if you want to survive! (Singapore)

Ong WL   This workshop is packed with high quality and vast experiences from real markets. Good value for money! (Singapore)

Julian Chong   I'm a newbie and have benefited much from the learning! (Singapore)

Bryan Tew   This is a wholesome package for trader-wannabe. (Singapore)

Lam SW   A concise, focused and no-nonsense approach to the market's winnings. (Singapore)

Carlos Lee   A simple and yet powerful concept (Singapore)

Daryl Chong   Thanks for your time. I'm seeing the PoweWave Trading at greater depth now! (Singapore)

William Wong   I love DAR's passion and his genuine experience while he was teaching. (Singapore)

Tan CK   A new trading horizon for me (Singapore)

Helen Ong   A very comprehensive course. Good for newbies. Thanks. (Singapore)

Sharon Yeo   Very recommended to anyone who wish to learn the real trading. (Singapore)

Chris Wong   This is the best workshop among all those that I have attended. (Singapore)

Branden Yong   This workshop provides insight and regain confidence for trader. (Singapore)

Nikki Ng   This workshop has opened my eyes to many trading strategies with superb risk management. (Singapore)

Chua Wee Beng   Money management and day trading strategies are excellent for wealth creation (Singapore)

Jaymes Deok   I was still awed by the PowerWave concepts even for 2nd resit. Excellent! (Singapore)

Soh Gek Huat   Excellent. 5-stars rating! (Singapore)

Evelyn Low   Very useful market knowledge which is practical & realistic! (Singapore)

Ng CB   Never regret coming to this workshop. This is definitely different! (Singapore)

Tan Boon Wah   This workshop inspires me to become a full-time trader. (Singapore)

Susan Wong   Very good training. I'll recommend to friends. (Singapore)

Henry Seet   DAR is a very committed coach with lots of his positive influence on trainees. (Singapore)

Thomas George   DAR is a sincere, honest and very reliable coach! (Singapore)


Thailand Trading Associates:

Sukit S.   I like the contents of this course and the characters of DAR Wong. (Bangkok)

Theeravut T.   I have better knowledge now and also enjoyed your workshop very much. (Bangkok)

Thiraphong P.   Thank you for the forecast in Palm oil. (Bangkok)

HUI   Better understanding of PowerrWave Trading now on real markets! (Bangkok)

Gan S.   I can now trade more confidently in stock and FOREX markets to build my wealth! (Bangkok)

Somkiat   DAR makes things easy to learn and effective. Thank you! (Bangkok)      

Suchada W.   DAR is friendly and very patient in his coaching! (Bangkok)

Anothai A.   Very clear explanation and easy to understand. DAR is superb! (Bangkok)

Wichanun T.   Wow, I should have attended the course long time ago! (Bangkok)

Tosapol N.   Good workshop and DAR is friendly! (Bangkok)

Pradit T.   A great weekend course and I enjoyed it! (Bangkok)

Nikorn B.   DAR is the best GURU in Forex trading. He is so efficient, so clear and so clean in his trading methods! (Bangkok)

Thanee C.   I had alot of fun and it was worth spending the time in your class! (Bangkok)

Chadaporn P.   I have been looking for a course like this for a long time. I believe PowerWave trading will be very profitable  for me! Thanks for sharing the knowledge. (Bangkok)

Suwimol W.   Coming here is like charging the flat battery and later become more confident in trading! (Bangkok)

Sira N.   Great course. Great trainer. Very fun. No regrets! (Bangkok)

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