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MANAGEMENT TEAM                                                                                                       English / Chinese
Chief Administrator & Operations (Malaysia)

JC Lee holds a Diploma in Economics Foundation Program and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He acquires very enriching human networking experience since in his early twenties while servicing in CitiBank (Malaysia) Berhad as a tele-negotiator for non-performing loans, and later assisted a prominent ambassador Diplomat for his personal humanitarian projects in Malaysia / Ceylon. After mid twenties, JC became a entrepreneur in auto-care business and also helped to setup few other associate centers in similar industry. After having been hit by recession, JC wound up his business and joined PWTM Sdn Bhd as a director. With his passion and qualities, he has immeasurable desire to uplift the business expansion of APSRI in Malaysia and the neighboring region. EMAIL

Indonesia Marketing Representative

Dewi Kartika graduated as MBA majoring in International Business from University of Detroit, Michigan - USA in 1994. She used to work in Export industry as an assistant to CEO of Jakarta Advisory Company. Later, her continual expertise swapped into the financial sectors as Head of ATM division for Securicor Indonesia - Jardine Group Company. In 2007, she was exposed to personal wealth creation and  pursued PowerWave TradingTM with Dar Wong. Beside operating her business in real-estates, she is a passionate individual who wishes to help more Indonesian to succeed in personal trading and investment by following her own footsteps. EMAIL

Singapore Marketing Representative (to be updated soon)

Jasmine Tan
Thailand Marketing Representative

Gan Srivitshupong graduated from Chulalongkorn university majoring in Advertising and Public relation major. She used to work in the top management of Japanese Departmental Store "SOGO" for 18 years, hence developed very experienced human management and business exposure in Asia. Since 2009, Gan pursued PowerWave TradingTM with Dar Wong and became a faithful trader of this profitable system. EMAIL

Our Coaching Team - 22 leaders
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