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Mr. DAR Wong started his career in the financial industry in Y1989 with Bank of America Futures Inc. He experienced multiple roller coaster rides of various world markets events like Dow Jones market crash (Y1989), Soviet military coup (Y1991), Desert storm (Y1991), Bull run market (Y1992 - Y1995), Barings Bank collapse (Y1995), Asian currency turmoil (Y1997), 911 attack (Y2001), US-Iraq war (Y2002) etc.

DAR holds a professional qualification in NASD Series 3, 5. His past employment record for a decade included many multi-national companies like Bankers Trust Futures Inc, Barclays ZW Futures Inc, Citigroup etc. Nevertheless, he left the corporate race in year Y2001 and functioned as a hedge advisor to plantations in the ASEAN regions and thereafter started his coaching and seminars in Y2005 due to popular demands.

Besides being a regular stage speaker for many investment seminars (and webinars) for many financial institutions, DAR also serves as an independent coach for Singapore Exchange Academy. In addition, he writes as a popular columnist for The Borneo Post, Busy Weekly (Oriental Daily News) besides contributing regular financial articles to The Analysts (India), Capital Asia (Malaysia).

Till now, DAR has proven to be one of the most sought-after trainer in Asia market constantly being approached by some Proprietary Trading Companies and Asia Exchanges to conduct both in-house trainings as well as public workshops. Currently, his seminars, training and conferences have covered Borneo Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, West Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, U.K. (England) and Vietnam.

In Y2009, his first book <8 Ways to Invest In China's Emerging Markets> was published and sold with widespread popularity in Singapore and Malaysia. Through his exposure in China's annual investment summit for Gold comments, he was again featured in Channel News Asia in March 2010 as Commodity Expert.
In 2011, DAR was awarded with Spirit of Enterprise award by Singapore Management University. In 2012, he was again awarded with Individual Diamond Award by Royal Privy Council of Kingdom of Thailand. In 2013, he led a team of entrepreneurs into  China Guangxi annual CA-EXPO while holding the title of Vice President in Singapore chapter of ASEAN-China Commerce association (ACCA).

In 2014, he joined Dektos Investment Corp (a fund management firm approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore) as Director cum Investment Strategist. He role is to strategize the portfolio instruments and expand international clientele for the Macro Investment Portfolio.
Today, DAR imparts his knowledge and skills without prejudice to all people who wish to pursue financial freedom but with good personal values. His followers include many top corporate echelons, professionals from various fields, entrepreneurs, proprietary traders, middle-class people, retirees, retail players, tertiary students etc.

DAR can be reached at
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