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Beauty and Wellness

1) Amaris Beauty <Face.Body.Spa.Gallery>

2) Cancer Tutor <Alternative Cancer Treatment>

3) Hair Synergy <A complete solution to hair loss and balding problems>

4) Hypnae Center Pte Ltd <It's mind over matter>

5) Kemi Wellness <A place for true relaxation with our Face, Body and Foot Spa>

Business and Services


1) E-Six Pte Ltd <Access EzFax from worldwide without a fax machine> (key "powercash" as referral ID in order to receive free SGD2 credit for outgoing eFax)

2) Internet Yellow Pages Singapore <Online search directory of Singapore>

3) Mister Glossy <Quality car shine mobile svc with affordable price>

4) Phoenix Communications <Connecting global business with low cost airtime>

5) Wenchang Enterprise <Learn quality Mandarin language from junior academic to business level> Tel (65) 8233 2698 / 9008 3171 (Singapore)

6) Payday Loan Online <Personal Payday Loan is the leader for online payday loans. No faxing. No credit check. No application fees. No kidding! Try Personal Payday Loan today!>

7) Free Debt Consolidation Quotes <Debt Consolidation Services>

8) Power Payday Loan <A great online resource for payday loan information with fast & easy payday loans available 24/7>

9) Small Business Loans <If you have struck out at the bank trying to obtain one of their small business loans, do not fret. Express Funding group has unique and traditional ways of getting you the money you need now. Don\'t waste time, get started today.> 


Environment, Family and Homecare


1) <Dust mites removal svc on bedding and carpet products at SGD50 only> Tel 9668 1080

2) Efficax <Chlorine Dioxide helps kill virus, bacteria, floating germs and harmful micro-organisms> visit website

3) HomeCity Services <No. 1 handyman in Singapore for homes and small offices> Tel (65) 6846 9453 / 9763 7633 (Singapore)

4) <Recipes to healthy cooking tips> 

5) <Artificial Grass Prices>


Finance, Trading and Investment


1) Asia Dinar <A lifetime opportunity in unusual investment>

2) Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Bhd <Manage your risk in palm oil futures>

3) Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group <The world's largest & most diversified financial exchange>

4) eSignal <Unlock the secrets of forex trading>

5) Forex Capital Markets, LLC <Online currency trading>

6) Forex Fornai <All about learning to trade in Forex Market>

7) FOREX Quick Secret <Trader Guru finally reveals his trade winning strategy>

8) FOREX Trading < is the biggest portal providing detailed information on loans, insurance, debt consolidation, merchant accounts, mortgage and many other aspects related to finance. Money saving tips, credit cards, forex are few major areas of specialization.>

9) FOREX Trading <Forex Gladiator -The Forex Trading Strategy that fights for living>

10) IG Markets <The global name in CFDs>

11) Institute of Banking & Finance <Setting global standards for financial practitioners>

12) Learn FX Online <Forex Guide For Newbies> 

13) Make 100K Profit A Day In Financial Markets <Trader of 19 years trading experiences finally reveals his secret>

14) New York Mercantile Exchange <Vision is our greatest commodity>

15) OTCBB <Penny Stocks and Small Cap Magazine focusing on OTCBB -the OTC Bulletin Boards by Penny Cents> 

16) Phillip Capital <Sharpen your trading edge>

17) Secrets of Successful Traders < Discover How To Turn $1000 Into $1,000,000.00 In 5 Years Or Less...Guaranteed! Or Get $50 Cash For Wasting Your Time!> 

18) Singapore Exchange <Tomorrow's market, today> 

19) Thailand Futures Exchange <The new uprising opportunity>

20) The Trader's Journal <No. 1 Preeminent Trading Magazine in Asia>

21) 东方财富网<Financial information in China>

22) 金融界首页<Financial information in China>


Kids and Fun


1) Barbie Homepage <Barbie live! in FAIRYTOPIA>

2) Disney Online <Where the magic comes to you!>

3) Fun Brain <Online playground for all>

4) Sesame Workshop <Elmo is coming to your!>

5) UpToTen Kids <online games to brighten up kids>


Lifestyle and Hobbies


1) AHPADA <Seal of Excellence for handicrafts products made in S.E. Asia>

2) Fountech Pte Ltd <Award-winning RF wireless game controllers>

3) Miss Saigon <Broadway Musical Home>

4) Mustafa Shopping Centre <We have almost all you want under the sun>

5) PABHA <Enhance your life with our original artpieces>

6) TheatreWorks (Singapore) Limited

7) The Phantom of The Opera < Live music favorites>

8) Vietnam Art Gallery <A rare and unique collection of art pieces>


Travel and Accommodation


1) ALiLA Hotels & Resorts <Surprisingly different.....>

2) Air Asia <Budget airlines>

3) Hotel Bencoolen, Singapore <Value-for-money stay in the heart of SG town>

4) Jetstar Asia <Budget airlines>

5) Marriot Hotel in U.S.

6) Pinnacles Kuching <The No.1 traveller's lodge in Kuching>

7) Sentosa Island <Singapore's signature island resort>

8) Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

9) Tourism Thailand <Official website to tour Thailand>

10) Tiger Airways <Budget airlines>


Humanitarian, Religions and Others


1) Assisi Home & Hospice <To be a volunteer or a donor>

2) < is a marketplace for buying and selling new and used farm machinery, equipment, seeds, crops, livestock and a wide range of services including job opportunities>

3) Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre <Rendering care in the community>

4) The Buddhist Channel <Daily updates of regional Buddhist communities>

5) Yellow Sheep River <Education Charity Project>

6) Zhenkong (Chin Kong) Religion Teachings <Zhenkongdao>


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Beauty and Health

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Finance, Trading and Investment

Financial Forecast Center: - A reliable data source for you to trade confidently

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Lifestyle & Hobbies
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Baby Sign Languages: - Effective communication with babies 

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Fun with Maths: - A personal enrichment to make yourself more intelligent


Religion and Faith

5 Biblical Keys to Prosperity: - Discover the secrets to abundance and prosperity found in scriptures

5 Tibetan Rites: - Proven exercise program to personal rejuvenation and confidence

Open Your 3rd Eye:- A mystical technique of ancient wisdom revealed

Revealing the Silence: - Life After Death

JESUS: The Man and His Work: - Discover the shocking truth of Jesus and his teaching


Sexual & Intimacy
Cure Prematured Ejaculations permanently: - 70% males have this problem. No more worries now!

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Long Distance Lover: - Success relationship of keeping your long distance lover happy and faithful to you

Laughter Attraction: - Use the natural language of laughter to attract women

Sexual Addiction: - Secret on how to make her sexually addicted to you forever

Date a Woman: - Start dating your heartthrob woman with simple tactics


Wealth and Self-Improvement

Living By ZEN: - A scientific and therapeutic approach to manage stress, anxiety, trauma, mental health, total balance and achieve personal success

Quantum Mind Power: - Naturally attract Wealth, Power and Success into your life

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